[uClinux-dev] MTD/ DoC Millenium Plus - Failure in flash detection

Ruediger Haertel hae at port.de
Wed Aug 3 17:40:05 EDT 2005

Hello all,

I am trying to get the DOC Millenium Plus chip (16 MB, ChipID = 0x41) on 
my board running. The chip as such is detected. If the DoC is accessed 
correctly then the flash chip has id 0xA5. This id is not in the table 
of NAND IDs in the file nand_ids.c.
The cvs MTD drivers has 0xA5 assigned to a SAMSUNG 2 GiB chip. But as 
far as I know the Doc MilPlus 16MB uses a Toshiba flash.

Any suggestions what's wrong here.

How would I verify that access to the DoC is correct?
At which address would I read? and what to expect?

If this would work, how do I proceed? I read something about 

The documents/books I found so far (Building embedded linux; Linux MTD, 
JFFS Howto ..) mostly concentrate on using some kind of pluggable DOC 
chips that can be inserted in a computer that has Windows or Linux 
running. Then everything can be done with some tools. But how really to 
do it on an embedded linux with a soldered DoC ?


Ruediger Haertel

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