[uClinux-dev] compile error of application ?

MadTop hls780204cn at vip.sina.com
Wed Aug 3 17:40:04 EDT 2005

Hi man:
    In the header file The compile error occur. Howto can solve it ?  I want to compile sdp_util.c

[liuhs at localhost sdp]$ gcc -I./include -I../include -I../common -DLINUX -c sdp/sdp_util.c -o sdp_u 
In file included from include/sdp.h:10, 
from include/sdp_util.h:9, 
from sdp/sdp_util.c:21: 
include/sdp_encode.h:43: parse error before '*' token 
include/sdp_encode.h:47: parse error before '*' token 
include/sdp_encode.h:51: parse error before '*' token 
include/sdp_encode.h:53: parse error before '*' token 

In the sdp_encode.h , 20/21 line is function declaration . All of the data type also be declared interrelated with the function 

format_list_t * sdp_add_format_to_list( //here 
media_desc_t *mptr, //here 
const char *val ); 

But If delete the function declaration , everything is okey.

what is error ? 


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