[uClinux-dev] uCLinux + kernel2.6 + Samsung snds100 developerboard

Greg Holdren greghol at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 3 17:39:01 EDT 2005

You have to rebuild the library that your going to use for big-endian. You
have to specifiy big-endian in your command line as an option also. I
remember some one posting a library as big-endian somewhere. Maybe it was
Grant Edwards???

Why are you running big-endian anyway? It becuase how the parts are wired to
the data bus? I found a 4510B router with the bus select pin as big-endian
and I switched it to little-endian and little-endian code worked fine. You
will find life with ARM easier as little-endian. I have found all but one
board with the bus order as little-endian.

I'm trying to get 2.6.x going on some 4501B boards myself. I can boot it but
and now having problems with the romfs. I am running 2.4.x with no problems
with a FMI400R, Dlink DI614+ (rev A, 2 antennas), Compaq CP2e and CP2w etc.



I want to build both kernel and all applications as big-endian.
I'm currently using Hyok's gcc-arm 3.4 compiler from

When linking I get an error telling me that the compiler's libraries are
little-endian and target is big-endian.

Does this mean that I have to compile my own big-endian toolchain or is
there an arm big-endian tool-chain already available somewhere?

Håkan Kvist
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