[uClinux-dev] Kernel patch for OKI ML67xxxx processors and Simtec Module

Vincent Sanders vince at arm.linux.org.uk
Wed Aug 3 17:37:01 EDT 2005

Greetings all

Attached is a patch to add kernel support for the Simtec OKI module.  

This module is based on the OKI ML675001 SOC full details can be found
on our website (
http://www.simtec.co.uk/products/EB675001DIP/index.html )

The patches have been thoroughly tested for some time now so I thought
it time to ask for their inclusion. If this is aceptable I will submit
the vendor patches too (I am in the middle of testing the uCLibc
pthreads patch posted earlier)
The patch is against the 2.4.29-uc1 kernel from the current testing release.

I tried actually including the patch inline and got moderated so here
is the URL to them instead.


Regards Vincent
Share and Enjoy!
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