[uClinux-dev] how can i trace the kernel with minicom?

Friedrich, Lars lars.friedrich at wago.com
Wed Aug 3 16:54:48 EDT 2005

Please read some guidelines how to compose and quote messages properly,
f.e. http://www.netmeister.org/news/learn2quote.html .

Not many people are willing to spend their time to fix the mess
in nearly unreadable messages (and you usually want the attention
of those with limited time, because those are the people who also have
the knowledge). I can live with html messages (although it does lower
the chance to get a reply and it does get worse if a free webmailer is
used that attaches images and tracker code to the mails), but not with
completely broken levels of intendations/quoting where it's time consuming
to figure out what is original text, what is question and what is answer
to which message and which question. And it gets more confusing, when
the same message is posted with different subjects (which doesn't mean
that posting the same message over and over again with the same subject
is better - it's less confusing (and easier to filter out) but annoys the

Best regards,
Lars Friedrich

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