[uClinux-dev] Shared Libs on ARM

Thomas Ritter thritter_list at gmx.at
Wed Aug 3 12:46:38 EDT 2005


I'm currently compiling all my userspace Programs with static libs, since 
the uClinux (flat) shared libs support only works for m68k Targets, as I've
read (and yet didnot succeed to get shared libs working myself). 

Is this correct, or did anybody succeed having shared libs on armnommu ?

A second question: Are there any experiences with the X-flat
(http://www.cadenux.com/xflat) binfmt. Sounds promising, but it's not all
open-source), as I understand.

I have a ARM9 CPU with kernel 2.6.10 (gcc-3.4.2).


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