[uClinux-dev] TZ (resend)

Daniel Haensse haensse at swissembedded.com
Tue Aug 2 00:30:11 EDT 2005

Dear list,

I have a problem with the timezone initialisation.

A timezone is defined in the /etc/TZ file. But after boot the TZ variable is 
not set. 

echo $TZ
returns an empty string

I can type in the shell:
msntp -P no -r swisstime.ee.ethz.ch 

and the current time is set correctly.

I can add the 
in the rc script, but it does not show any effect in the shell after boot.

How can I configure the system to use the correct time zone in the rc script 
and in the shell. For some reasons, the /etc/TZ settings are not read, an 
automated configuration using the /etc/TZ settings would be best.

best regards


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