[uClinux-dev] i am sorry ,but still need your help

w w lodev0923 at yahoo.com.cn
Sat Mar 27 01:51:26 EST 2004

I am very sorry for send worthless message above  ,in fact it is my attachment :boa.map

now i download romfs.img included boa,when i run boa in hyperTerminal,it's report error:Pid ** :failed 4 
when i type flthdr boa ,the result is :
Magic:        bFLT
Rev:          4
Data Start:   0x151d0
Data End:     0x18f80
BSS End:      0x2be14
Stack Size:   0x1000
Reloc Start:  0x18f80
Reloc Count:  0x0
Flags:        0x5 ( Load-to-Ram Gzip-Compressed )
i had dived into it for very a long time ,but failed .
if you kindly tell me what will probably cause that 
attachment is my boa.map.

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