[uClinux-dev] Re:BOA problem!

leeyang leeyang at ycig.com
Thu Apr 8 21:19:04 EDT 2004

> We had problems with boa 0.94.13 on arm uClinux - CGI programs would
> sometimes leave
> boa in a non-responsive state.  We ended up using thttpd.  thttpd is
> simple and
> effective, if you have the freedom to change from boa.

Can thttpd run on uClinux without heavily hacked?(fork ,vfork...)
I'm invovling a arm940t core CPU working.

> Tim Braun
> LibreStream Technologies
> Unit 200  55 Rothwell Rd
> Winnipeg  MB     R3P 2M5
> (204) 487-0612   x203

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