[uClinux-dev] porting elf2flt

John Williams jwilliams at itee.uq.edu.au
Mon Mar 31 18:18:02 EST 2003

Hi David,

David McCullough wrote:
> Having just started playing with elf2flt on H8,  I just included the
> correct file (elf/h8.h) from binutils and automatically got all the defines.
> I will be checking in the changes to that effect once I get it going ;-)

> If yo udon't have binutils sources that's a problem.  Although you will
> probably need them to get a working elf2flt as it uses the bfd library
> from the cross targeted binutils.

I just finished untaring the binutils/gcc sources, and have found the 
header file you are talking about for microblaze.  It's got the various 
reloc data in there, so I'm on the right track with that now.

> I don't mind either way really,  if we end up with a uCdot FAQ or
> something it is probably better than a whole lot of elf2flt
> conversations, but I'm sure most won't compain ;-)

OK well maybe we'll go off-list and then FAQ it after we're done?


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