[uClinux-dev] increasing baud rate

Michael Caisse mcaisse at allweatherinc.com
Mon Mar 31 16:54:42 EST 2003

I'm running my console at 115200.

In colilo modify your vendor specific board.c file. Change the
configureSerial call in the configureConsole() method to set
the baud rate to your favorite number.

Under uCLinux I use the compiled-in kernel boot parameter
which can be found under "Processor type and features" 
I've set mine to:


That should do it for you. Dominique mentioned having problems finding
this selection. You may have to edit the arch/m68knommu/config.in file
directly for your platform. Other examples of this should be in the file 


Massimiliano Cialdi wrote:

>I need to increase the console boud rate from 19200 to 57600 or 115200.
>It would better af colilo get the same baud rate too. How can I increase
>the baud rate?

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