[uClinux-dev] porting elf2flt

John Williams jwilliams at itee.uq.edu.au
Mon Mar 31 16:34:47 EST 2003

Hi David,

David McCullough wrote:
> Jivin John Williams lays it down ...
>>Can anybody tell me where I will find the information required to fill 
>>out the various entries in elf.h, and associated case statements in 
> They should be in the binutils sources.  When you configure elf2flt you
> tell it a few dirs to work with.  You may need to change the include of:
> 	<elf.h>
> in elf2flt.c to something like:
> 	<elf/?microblaze?.h>

I don't have a "native" microblaze elf.h, but I copied the one from 
uClibc/include into my elf2flt dev directory.  I intend to extend it in 
a way similar to that for the other arch's.

> You will probably want to run elf2flt without any relocations
> implemented first so that you can see which ones will be needed,  then
> only implement those that give errors (a number you can then lookup in
> the header file).
> You can also run:
> 	$(CROSS)objdump -r elf-file
> to list the "names" of the relocations among other things.  These names
> can be greped from the binutils sources.

Good tips, thanks.

> I am just doing some elf2flt work myself,  so if you need a hand feel
> free to bounce stuff off me,

Thanks, I'll probably take you up on that.  Should we take it off-list 
or might this stuff be useful to someone else one day?  I'm finding the 
uclinux-dev list server to be pretty slow lately - up to 90 mins or so 
between sending and getting it back?



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