[uClinux-dev] Reboot not dropping network connections

Stuart MacDonald stuartm at connecttech.com
Sun Mar 30 11:34:37 EST 2003

I have a custom app that listens on a port, and spawns a child to
handle the connection.

If I connect to its port with telnet, I can talk to the app. If I kill
the child handling the connection, the connection drops. If I kill the
parent, it kills the child and the connection drops.

However, if I use the reboot command (from sash), the machine reboots
but the connection does not drop. Ethereal shows that in the reboot
case the final FIN ACK packets are never sent.

I would like a rebooting machine to gracefully notify the remote that
the connection is over. I tried rearranging the order of the kill
commands in user/sash/reboot.c, no help. I tried explicitly closing
the socket when trapping SIGTERM, no help. I tried adding very long
delays to the sleep commands, no help. I don't understand why a
SIGTERM from reboot causes the FIN packet not to be sent. Anyone have
any insight? I'm hoping I've overlooked something obvious.

..Stu, new to the network progamming thing...

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