[uClinux-dev] How do I move the console from ttyS0 to ttyS1 on a Coldfire 5272?

Stuart MacDonald stuartm at connecttech.com
Sun Mar 30 09:46:18 EST 2003

From: "Van Rafelghem, Dominique" <VanRafelghemD at intheairnet.com>
> I am running uClinux on a custom board design which is based on Motorola's
> 5272C3 reference design and I need to move the serial console over onto
> ttyS1 instead of ttyS0. I'm using the 2.4.x kernel. I've searched the
> archives and all the advice I can find is either for the 2.0.x kernel or
> very ambiguous.

I needed to move the console far out of the way, so I hacked
linux-2.4.x/drivers/char/mcfserial.c directly. Made the onboard serial
ports show up at minor 190 & 191 by adding an offset to IRC two places
in the driver, one at registering time and one at console declaration


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