[uClinux-dev] uClinux on S3C4510-SNDS100 architecture

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Mon Mar 31 09:11:35 EST 2003

Jivin Roman lays it down ...
> Hello list,
> Several patches here to build and run the latest uClinux distro on
> Samsung S3C4510-SNDS100 architecture.

All applied except for the linux-2.4.x/arch/armnommu/vmlinux-armv.lds.in
patch which added romfs.o to all armv builds.

I think this change will break other platforms that don't use romfs.o.
Perhaps you can find a way to add the romfs without using romfs.o.  There
are a number of examples in the distro that cat the romfs.img to the end of
the kernel.

The vendors/Motorola/M5272C3/Makefile is one example.

> Also I have had several problems with it:
> a) maybe anyone knows how to restart an ARM machine with 'reboot'
> successfully?

No idea sorry.  On coldfire (has no HW reset instruction) we just jump
back through the rom startup.  You may be able to use a watchdog timer
if one is present.

> b) when I start my app and it terminates on signal (say Ctrl-C), the
> memory is not freed properly. When I start large app (~650Kb) and
> terminate it several times, out of memory error occurs. Is it right?


Is the memory freed properly when they exit normally ?

Are you building with -msingle-pic-base/XIP ?  If so then you might need to
fixup the is_in_rom function in linux-2.4.x/arch/armnommu/mm/memory.c
to return true if the address is in your ROMFS memory area.


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