[uClinux-dev] MCF5249, uClinux and MODEM AT Commands

Karthick Somalinga embeddedsnk at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 31 04:01:39 EST 2003

Hi Friends,

I am working with Coldfire Processor MCF5249. I am
using ttyS0 port of the board for downloading the
image and i have connected ttyS1 port with a MODEM.
Now i need to send AT commands to MODEM from the
uClinux image downloaded in the board. For that i need
to open the ttyS1 and send these AT Commands and get
the acknowledgement from the MODEM. 

What changes do i have to make in the uClinux image
for sending the AT commands to the ttyS1.

To do all these i need some experts advice for sending
the AT Commands to the ttyS1 from the uClinux image in
the board. Please help me in doing this.

Thanks in advance for those who are going to help me.

Karthick Somalinga

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