[uClinux-dev] bdm driver installation failing

Sascha Smejkal s.smejkal at centerfunk.at
Mon Mar 31 03:44:54 EST 2003

Hi Justin!

I attached the hack I had to do to get it working. Don't know if there's a 
newer version of the gdb-bdm which uses parport allready. AFAIR I didn't have 
to do anything else to make it work. BTW the pci parallel port card isn't 
handled by parport on my system.

bye Sascha

Justin Clacherty schrieb:
> Sascha,
> Finally got a hold of a PCI parallel port card, I no longer have the
> pretty blinking lights.  What do I have to do to the BDM driver to get
> things to work with the PCI card?  '/var/log/messages' on my machine has
> the following lines related to the PCI card.
> Mar 31 08:11:43 rhianna kernel: parport1: PC-style at 0x9800 (0x9400)
> Mar 31 08:11:43 rhianna kernel: parport2: PC-style at 0x9000 (0x8800)
> I tried replacing the addresses for LPT2 and LPT3 in the bdm driver to
> the addresses above but it didn't seem to work.  Any ideas what I might
> be missing?
> Justin.
> On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 20:05, Sascha Smejkal wrote:
>>I had also trouble using BDM but can't remember the error message.
>>The reason was, that the parallel port of the mainboard produced traffic on 
>>the parallel port no matter what I configured in the bios. Used a PCI parallel 
>>port card and it worked for me.
>>Bye Sascha Smejkal
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