[uClinux-dev] suppress console output

Alessandro Rubini rubini at arcana.linux.it
Mon Mar 31 01:54:44 EST 2003

> I need to suppress the console output. There is some kind of parameters
> to pass to the kernel (something like "console=null") from colilo?

The kernel gets the "quiet" command-line argument to lower the
console loglevel to 4 instead of 7. This means only messages of 
level KERN_ERR and more go to the console.

To completely disabel console output you need to register a console
device and activate it with "console=". What I used in my port follows.

As an alternative, you can copy the "quiet" code in init/main.c and
create your own "shutup" version.


--- ./drivers/char/mcfserial.c.middle   Fri Jan 31 12:10:16 2003
+++ ./drivers/char/mcfserial.c  Fri Jan 31 12:20:14 2003
@@ -1986,9 +1986,15 @@
        next:           NULL
+static struct console empty_console = {
+       name: "none",
+       index: -1
 void __init mcfrs_console_init(void)
+       register_console(&empty_console); /* hack for qnet */

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