[uClinux-dev] Re: Populating blkmem

Miles Bader miles at lsi.nec.co.jp
Mon Mar 31 02:16:08 EST 2003

John Williams <jwilliams at itee.uq.edu.au> writes:
> How do I populate the blkmem device or memory region to start with?  Do 
> I create a romfs image (with genromfs?) and cat it on the end of the 
> kernel image?  If so, how do the symbols blkmem_0_start and blkmem_0_end 
> get set after the fact?
> Clearly there's nothing in the blkmem region (size is 0), so it's not 
> going to work.

arch/v850/Makefile contains this (the section-name ".root" is what I
currently use; you apparently started from an old version of the code
that used ".blkmem0"):

   # Deal with the initial contents of the blkmem device
   ifdef ROOT_FS_IMAGE
   ifndef CONFIG_SIM
   # Embed it in the kernel

   ROOT_FS_IMAGE_OBJ = root_fs_image.o



   # Note that we use the build-system's objcopy, as the v850 tools are fairly
   # old, and don't have the --rename-section option.
           objcopy -I binary -O elf32-little -B i386 --rename-section .data=.root,alloc,load,readonly,data,contents $< $@

   endif # !CONFIG_SIM
   endif # ROOT_FS_IMAGE

Then when I do a make, I just do `make ROOT_FS_IMAGE=my-root-image'
where my-root-image is a file created with genromfs.

[Note that the build system in linux-2.5.x is completely different so
all the above details are different there.]

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