[uClinux-dev] Looking for Mac OSX Coldfire toolchain testers

Jay Vaughan jv at access-music.de
Fri Mar 28 07:41:01 EST 2003

>I am looking for some few people to test the installer package
>for the m68k-elf toolchain with efl2flt patches...
>I'll make it available for downloading (around 45MB in size ;o)
>You have to have the developers tools from Apple installed.
>The toolchain has been compiled under OSX 10.2.4 on a
>Powerbook G4...so I don't kow if it runs on older
>G3 Macs...haven't installed OSX on my old G3 though (o;

Count me in!!  I've got OSX, PBg4, plenty of RAM, and a whole lot of 
desire to help you get these tools working stable-like!  :)



Jay Vaughan
r&d>>music:technology:synthesizers - www.access-music.de/

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