[uClinux-dev] Creating image with ROMFS

Yannis Mitsos gmitsos at telecom.ntua.gr
Fri Mar 28 06:32:26 EST 2003

Hi all,

I am trying to adopt the technique that m68knommu utilizes to append a 
ROMFS image into the kernel.

In the Rules.make file I see :
$(CROSS_COMPILE)objcopy -v -R .text -R .data -R .bss 
--add-section=.fs=romfs.img --adjust-section-vma=.fs=0xa0000 
arch/$(ARCH)/empty.o romfs.s19

I suppose that the .fs=0xa0000 is the VMA address where the image will 
be loaded, so I assume that for my architecture I have to change this 
(probably move to the end of the physical ram and create the .romvec 
section in the linker script). Is this correct ?

After that the following line appears in the Rules.make:
perl arch/$(ARCH)/platform/$(PLATFORM)/tools/fixup.pl
Is this necessary ? Should I convert the romfs.img to another format 
before it is embedded to the kernel image ?

Finally is the ROMFS mounted as the root filesystem ? If yes do you pass 
any extra arguments in the command_line like root=/dev/ram or something 
like this ?

Best regards,


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