[uClinux-dev] We have liftoff!

John Williams jwilliams at itee.uq.edu.au
Fri Mar 28 01:51:22 EST 2003

Hey hey hey!

Well, as of 4:45pm today, I have officially brought up the uClinux 
kernel on Microblaze for the first time!

All kernel threads start, all initcalls proceed, and the kernel 
eventually panics when it tries to mount the rootfs because I haven't 
got blkmem configured yet.

Still a way to go yet, in particular getting my first user processes 
going (and the associated bin_fmt stuff that will involve), but it's all 
progrssing well so far.

Greg, pretty soon I'll be asking you to add a new arch dir in the CVS, 
with big "EXPERIMENTAL" warnings all over it!  I've had correspondence 
from a group who are interested to get involved, and I've held them off 
till I could at least bring up an early kernel.  I'll email them next 
week and see if they're ready to go.

Thanks again everyone for your help so far.

John (off to the pub for a big cold beer!)

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