[uClinux-dev] application size limitation?

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Fri Mar 28 01:23:51 EST 2003

Jivin pauli at snapgear.com lays it down ...
> > The questions I have are the following:
> > 1. I read somewhere that in the past there was an application size
> > limitation on uClinux.  Is this still the case?
> There is a size limit imposed by the shared librarie support.  This limit is 
> 16M per application and library so you'll probably not encounter it with 16M 
> of RAM.

If you do not use -msep-data or shared libs then you can have huge great
apps with no earthly limitations ;-)

> > 2. Has anyone used threads in their applications on uClinux?
> I believe DavidM has pthreads working.  Has it made the latest release?

The latest m68k-elf-tools and uClinux-dist have,  AFAIK, full pthread
support.  I have run the ptread demos from the dist without problems
for what its worth.

> > 3. Is it better to write a bunch of small apps in uClinux or is the one
> > large app approach OK?
> Probably not a lot of difference really.


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