[uClinux-dev] Redboot as a uClinux bootloader for MIPS3000 cpu.

cw_ni at dlink.com.tw cw_ni at dlink.com.tw
Thu Mar 27 21:48:01 EST 2003

Hello all:
      Anybody had ever tried to boot a uClinux using the Redboot
      I have heard that there is some stuff in Redboot to boot an arm linux
kernel but I am not sure that the arch specifics are the same when it come
to uClinux..
      And if it comes to a MIPS 3000 cpu, how much effort would it take to
develop the Redboot for our target system under uClinux?
      Where could I get the technique information for this job?
       Any hint  or information will be a great help to us.

      I have another question about Redboot.
      Redboot has remote debugging support, does it work with uClinux
            Best regards.
            ChengWu. DLink Corp.

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