[uClinux-dev] bash

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Thu Mar 27 19:14:37 EST 2003

Jivin Michael.Needle at alcatel.com.au lays it down ...
> David,
> Thanks for the reply.
> I am trying to get a more functional shell than sash operating on
> a uclinux host. 
> What shell(s) have been successfully ported to uclinux?

sash and the minix shell.

> What is/are the shell(s) of choice on uclinux?

sash if you want a command launcher and minix if you need some scripting

> I assumed bash had been ported due to the fact that it
> is in the uclinux-dist. If this is not the case, why is it there?

The dist is basically our internal source tree.  We support uCLinux and
non-uclinux platforms.  bash is used on some of the systems we built
with MMU's.

> Minix looks as if it will satisy my needs.
> Can you confirm that the minix shell has been successfully
> ported to uclinux? 

It has.

> I attempted to get minux operating but experienced the 
> same symptoms as with bash. I can get sash to operate
> however. 

No sure what is going on here.  What tools/dist/target/platform are you

> I would like to know if other people have managed to get 
> minux operating successfully on uclinux, thereby I can focus my
> attention on the build/target environment.

Lots of people are running the minix shell,  something else is wrong.


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