[uClinux-dev] file(1) bflt entry

Philippe De Muyter phdm at macqel.be
Thu Mar 27 17:35:48 EST 2003

David McCullough wrote :
> Hi Philippe,
> You might want to add some of the other fields that are output by flthdr ?
> Relocs,  Entry point ...
> Not sure if that much detail fits with the file way of doing things
> though :-),
Well, I have looked at the ELF entry, and they do not provide more :

/tmp/hello:     BFLT executable - version 4, m68k, gotpic
/tmp/hello.c:   ASCII C program text
/tmp/hello.gdb: ELF 32-bit MSB executable, Motorola 68000, version 1 (SYSV), statically linked, not stripped

> >>36    belong&0x1      0x1             ram
> >>36    belong&0x2      0x2             gotpic
> >>36    belong&0x4      0x4             gzip
> >>36    belong&0x8      0x8             gzdata

I could eventually use a better wording for each flag

> Jivin Philippe De Muyter lays it down ...
> > >>68    belong          0x4e714e71      m68k,

I wonder why with the latest elf-tools, crt0 begins at 68 decimal and is
preceded by four 0 bytes, while with some ancient version of the elf-tools
(I do not know precisely which one) crt0 started at 64 decimal, i.e. just
after the header.  Is that change intentional ? (we consume 4 bytes more
per executable :) ).

> > # I do not know what the other magic values and platforms are (arm e.g.)

If people using other processors (arm e.g.) could tell me what's found at
64 or 68 decimal (if it is constant of course), I could add that to
recognize that processor too.


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