[uClinux-dev] Wanted: Mandarin translator

YaDong Wang YaDongW at netro-corp.com
Thu Mar 27 16:13:44 EST 2003

Page 41 to 43 talk about memory configuration (*.ld file)
Page 53 to 61 talk about start up codes

This company is located in south part of China, and deals mostly Motorola processors. If you need, we can help you hold a board.

ESPD Inc. (www.espd-inc.com)

Yadong Wang

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Thanks for the reply :-)

Have a look at pages 39 - 43, 45 - 49. These seem to be dealing with 
memory configurations for ROM and RAM. I would mostly be interested in 
the RAM configuration. Page 43 looks to be the closest from what I can 
tell, but not for sure because of the Mandarin.

Also, starting on page 53, there is a program, could you tell me what 
the title / function of the program is?



thomas chen wrote:
> looks like a pretty cool board...
> they actually do uclinux/uclib support and a few versions of different
> variation... have you asked them to translate? i can help a bit... but may not
> be very good

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