[uClinux-dev] free, "lite" windows terminal software

John Willlams jwilliams at itee.uq.edu.au
Thu Mar 27 06:19:14 EST 2003

Hi Vlad (and Heiko)

From: Vladimir Vorobyov <vladimir.vorobyov at iss.org.ua>
>We use hyperterm and don't see any problems.
>May be you need click Properties -> Settings -> ASCII Setup -> and check
>'Append line feeds to incoming line ends' and/or
>'Send line ends with line feeds'.

Yes I tried that, still no luck.  I think Miles got it right about the TTY
driver.  I'm still in the early days of kernel bootup, and haven't got a
proper terminal driver up and running yet.  I just modifed my console device
to output an 0x0d after an 0x0a, and it works just fine.

TeraTerm is small, fast and it works - just what I want in a utility! :)



>Hope it helps.
>Regards, Vlad.
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