[uClinux-dev] Re: free, "lite" windows terminal software

Miles Bader miles at lsi.nec.co.jp
Wed Mar 26 23:13:30 EST 2003

John Williams <jwilliams at itee.uq.edu.au> writes:
> Can anybody recommend a simple and free windows terminal program I can 
> use instead of hyperterm?

I use `teraterm,' which works pretty well out of the box and is
fairly configurable.  It's infinitely better than hyperterm, anyway.

A quick google shows a few possible sites to download it from (though
the one I use was installed by someone else).

> For some reason hyperterm, despite my best efforts, refuses to "talk
> unix" re: line feeds and carriage returns, with the annoying
> consequence that my console output cascades across, instead of down
> the screen

I think it's very rare to find a terminal that will interpret linefeeds
in the `unix manner'; really the driver should be inserting the carriage
returns.  For normal tty I/O, the tty layer will do it for you, but for
low-level `console' I/O you'll probably have to do it in your serial

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