[uClinux-dev] Offtopic: Snapgear

John Williams jwilliams at itee.uq.edu.au
Wed Mar 26 19:24:46 EST 2003

Greg Ungerer wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> Paul McGougan wrote:
>> Far out... would you SnapGear guys go home already!
>> If my boss see's how late you guys stay at work responding to emails 
>> all the
>> time, he'll stop thinking that I work hard, and start assuming that
>> *everyone* works long hours.
>> You're gonna make me look bad! ;)
>> If you start hearing someone yell "Go home earlier" every morning as they
>> fly past... take notice. :)
> Ahh, you see that is the power of VPN.
> We _are_ at home, it just looks like we are
> at work 24/7 :-)

No Greg, that makes it *worse*, not better! :)

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