[uClinux-dev] minicom from uclinux

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Wed Mar 26 07:21:37 EST 2003

Jivin Andrey Butok lays it down ...
> Thank you. (David and Greg)
> About Hardware data Flow control is clear.:)
> And one more question:
> What about software flow control. Is it handled by driver of by upper level?
> Does the "tip" must receive XON/XOFF characters, or they must be removed by
> "mcfserial"?

mcfserial will process and remove the XON/XOFF chars if software flow
control is enabled.  If not,  they will be passed through to the
application like normal chars.

Actually,  the processing is not actually done in mcfserial but in the line
discipline,  another kernel driver,  but the effect for a user application
is the same.


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