[uClinux-dev] floating point problem

JinSoo Kim people at micro-web.co.kr
Wed Mar 26 03:59:12 EST 2003

Hi everybody,

I have a floating point problem.
My target system information is as follow.

compiler: arm-elf-20011219 binary version
kernel: uClinux 20020701 version
cpu: samsung's s3c4510

My problem is that when I load the device drvier module
with 'insmod' command there occurs an error,

"insmod: unresolved symbol __fixsfsi".

The device driver module contains a test function, float_init_test.
The function is a minimal function which makes the problem and
I made it for the explanation.

void float_init_test(void)
     float a[3] = { 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 };
     int b[3];
     b[0] = (int) a[0];
     printk("%d\n", (int) b[0]);

The function is not called anywhere. It is just defined.
If I remove the function definition the problem disapears.
If I link the loadable module into the kernel statically in kernel compile time,
the problem disapears too.

How can I overcome this problem?
Any advice will be much helpful.
Help me~~~

Best Regards,
JinSoo Kim

Director & CTO
MicroWeb Co., Ltd.

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FAX: 82-42-862-6202
E-mail: people at micro-web.co.kr
homepage: http://www.micro-web.co.kr

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