[uClinux-dev] making Cramfs image for Arcturus uC5272 (or loading romfs image)

Brad Clements bkc at murkworks.com
Tue Mar 25 19:36:21 EST 2003

I'm now able to compile the latest CVS for the Arcturus uC5272, but it fails to build the 
image because vendor/Arcturus/uC5272/Makefile has this line for image: target

 $(MAKE) -C $(ROOTDIR)/$(LINUXDIR) image.elf

I think this doesn't work because ARCH isn't passed to linux-2.4.x/Makefile so it doesn't 
pull in the m68nommu Makefile.

I note my old ( feb 2002 working) Arcturus Makefile looks like this:

image:  $(ROOTDIR)/tools/mkcramfs/mkcramfs
        [ -d $(IMAGEDIR) ] || mkdir -p $(IMAGEDIR)
        echo "empty" > $(IMAGEDIR)/romfs.img
        $(MAKE) -C $(ROOTDIR)/$(LINUXDIR) romdisk
        $(MAKE) -C $(ROOTDIR)/$(LINUXDIR) linux.bin
        ln -f -s $(ROOTDIR)/$(LINUXDIR)/linux.bin $(ROMFSDIR)/@linux.bin
        $(ROOTDIR)/tools/mkcramfs/mkcramfs -l -r -n uClinux $(ROMFSDIR) $(IMAGEDIR)/image.cramfs

I'm not sure where ARCH is spec'd here.

Anyway, I tried changing the "current" vendor/Arcuturus .. Makefile to look like this:

        [ -d $(IMAGEDIR) ] || mkdir -p $(IMAGEDIR)
        genromfs -v -V "ROMdisk" -f $(ROMFSIMG) -d $(ROMFSDIR)
        $(OBJCOPY) -O binary $(ROOTDIR)/$(LINUXDIR)/linux \

        ln -f -s $(IMAGEDIR)/linux.bin $(ROMFSDIR)/@linux.bin
        $(ROOTDIR)/tools/mkcramfs/mkcramfs -l -r -n uClinux $(ROMFSDIR) $(IMAGEDIR)/image.cramfs

But this produces a cramfs image that doesn't boot.

So .. has anyone else been able to make a cramfs image for this board using the 
current (or close) CVS? If so, could you share your makefile.

Otherwise, if you're using a romfs image with this board, do you burn it into flash using 
rx & program, or just rx and go  or .. ??


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