[uClinux-dev] Combining bin files

Kendrick Hamilton hamilton at sedsystems.ca
Tue Mar 25 12:32:11 EST 2003

On Tue, 25 Mar 2003, Van Rafelghem, Dominique wrote:

> Hello,
> This may be a rookie question but since I am new to uClinux here it goes
> anyway.
> This is my problem.  I am bringing up a new board with our hardware engineer
> here, and I have a Colilo boot loader and a uClinux image file.  We would
> like to combine the two bin files so that we can burn them into flash with
> one go.

I am not sure if you can do this with m68k-elf-objcopy. However, you can 
do this with s-records. You can use m68k-elf-objcopy to turn your bin file 
into an s-record. There are free tools to manipulate srecords and merge 
them together. Goto http://srecord.sourceforge.net/ for these tools.

> Does anyone know how to combine the two bin files (colilo.bin, and
> image.bin) and create one bin file to load on the target?  Also, the
> image.bin file needs to be placed at a known location in flash so that the
> boot loader can find it and launch the kernel?
> Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

The kernel needs to be at a known location for colilo to find it. If 
colilo includes user interface support, you should be able to specify the 

> Dominique Van Rafelghem

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