[uClinux-dev] mcfserial and h/w flow control

Vladimir Vorobyov vladimir.vorobyov at iss.org.ua
Tue Mar 25 07:31:21 EST 2003

I didn't get the answer last time, so I'll try to repeat my question (I
think its for Greg):

Does mcfserial.c support h/w flow control and if yes, what is happening in
the following example:

I have a low data rate modem connected to the second serial port (ttyS1) of
my board and I use tip to connect to remote modem.
Serial port speed is higher than modem speed and after some time modem's
buffer becomes full and modem negates CTR signal.
As I anderstand terminal program (tip) should stop its transmission.
What does the driver (mcfserial) do in this case ? Does it inform upper
layer (tty or terminal app.) about it ? How ?
As I see from the source code the driver doesn't handle CTS state change. Am
I wrong ?

p.s. I work with M5407C3  and uClinux 2.4.


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