[uClinux-dev] FTPD compiling problems

Philippe De Muyter phdm at macqel.be
Tue Mar 25 06:37:13 EST 2003

Greg Ungerer wrote :
> The key to most of the problems you will find is the
> config.h file in ~/user/ftpd/. Normally that is generated
> when you do a "./configure" for ths package. But that is
> not really an option in the uClinux cross compile setup.

If we had a real uclinux/uClibc-targetted compiler (see my other post under
Re: [uClinux-dev] Re: uclinux-elf-tools-20030314 released), then it would
be straightforward to run configure (the cases where configure really needs
to run someting on the target become really rare)


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