[uClinux-dev] execve

Andrae Muys andrae.muys at braintree.com.au
Tue Mar 25 00:52:02 EST 2003

buc at larsen.st wrote:
> Boa is doing a vfork() instead of a fork().  This means the child does not
> get a cloned memory space, but plays in the parent's memory space.  This
> means that any malloc's the child does is done in the parent's memory space
> rather than the child's.  Execve from the child just cleans up the child,
> not the parent.  The memory is not freed until the parent is cleaned up,
> which in my case is never.
> please tell me I'm wrong.

If you check the description of vfork in the man page you will find the 
behaviour undefined if you do anything other than call _exit or exec* in 
the child.  What you suggest would be a very reasonable interpretation 
of "undefined" IMHO.

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