[uClinux-dev] Using tmpfs, Please help

Andy Pichotta apichotta at controlproductsinc.com
Mon Mar 24 16:25:40 EST 2003

Hi All,


I wanted to experiment with tmpfs, (or some small ramfs) and digging
through the archives it looks like all I

need to do is enable virtual memory file system support in file systems
section of menuconfig.


When I enable this option then make dep && make, I don't see tmpfs under

after booting the newly configured kernel:


# cat /proc/filesystems

nodev   rootfs

nodev   bdev

nodev   proc

nodev   sockfs

nodev   pipefs


nodev   nfs



Shouldn't tmpfs show up here as well?


I tried enabling ramfs in config then I get the addition of 

nodev   ramfs

in /proc/filesystems


Now I can mount -t ramfs ramfs /mnt and copy files to and from ramfs.


What is the difference between ramfs and tmpfs?


The help section for ramfs says it is not really a usable fs, but just a
programming example.

What about it is not usable?


I am using 2.4.x, 20020907 dist. With 5272.


Thank you,



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