[uClinux-dev] uClinux on 68000 confusion

Jonathan L Long longjonathan at comcast.net
Mon Mar 24 15:18:58 EST 2003

I am attempting to put uClinux on my 68000 board. However, I am a bit confused 
about how to compile uClinux for the straight 68000. I have downloaded the 
latest uClinux-dev tarball. There are arch subdirs for m68k and m68knommu; 
what is the difference? Isn't uClinux only for systems without an MMU? Also, 
there is no arch/m68knommu/platform subdir for 68000; will the 68328 code run 
fine? Furthermore, if I select the 68000 processor when I make config, the 
code gives lots of problems because there are no #ifdef CONFIG_68000s in the 
source where there are for other processors. Should I just use 68328 config, 
or am I missing something obvious, or what?


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