[uClinux-dev] Re: uclinux-elf-tools-20030314 released

Philippe De Muyter phdm at macqel.be
Mon Mar 24 11:23:45 EST 2003

David McCullough wrote :
> Yes,  everything I used to build them is included,  the script is called
> build-uclinux-elf-tools.sh,  look under:
> 	http://www.uclinux.org/pub/uClinux/m68k-elf-tools/tools-20030314/
> let me know if there is anything missing,


I build the new tool-chain using your script, and I have a few remarks :

- should the script not unpack uClibc and elf2flt itself, just as it does
for binutils, gcc, STLport ... ?

- must uClibc-0.9.19.patch.gz be applied, and how ?

- I have a patch available that fix a long-standing problem with -mcpu32
programs compilation :
	relocation truncated to fit: R_68K_PLT16
See attachment.

- I wonder why, if I compile a standalone client program with :

	make "CC=m68k-elf-gcc -v -m5307 -msep-data -Wl,-elf2flt" hello

it finds crt0.o, but fails with :

	hello.elf2flt: In function `_start':
	hello.elf2flt(.text+0x8): undefined reference to `__uClibc_main'

In my opinion, if crt0.o is automatically included, and crt0.o requests
libc.a, then libc.a must also be included.  As we build here a uClibc-
targetted compiler, I suggest that the build process adds -lc in the
specs file.  I have added '-lc' in the 'lib' field of the specs
file.  With that, I get a clean standalone compilation, and no problem for
the link of linux itself, because linux is not linked by gcc itself, but
directly by ld.


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