AW: [uClinux-dev] do you know anything about the ftpd?

richard at richard at
Mon Mar 24 08:57:17 EST 2003

> I am sorry, but I am not the only wondering what with your side happened.
> Anyway, it is not my wish to blame other people not supporting me.
> You are right, that no one is responsibil to support anything in the linux
> community. Even those who are webmasters for linux sites like you.
> It would be nice if you could check your backups for the patched version of
> anonftp. If you take a look on the older mailing lists entries, you might
> realize, that there are some people asking about it and also wondering, what
> happened with the old site ;)
> I did not wanted of blame anyone.

Now you sound better (o;

Rick (o;

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