AW: [uClinux-dev] do you know anything about the ftpd?

"Gegusch, René" rgegusch at
Mon Mar 24 08:46:25 EST 2003

I am sorry, but I am not the only wondering what with your side happened.
Anyway, it is not my wish to blame other people not supporting me.
You are right, that no one is responsibil to support anything in the linux
community. Even those who are webmasters for linux sites like you.

It would be nice if you could check your backups for the patched version of
anonftp. If you take a look on the older mailing lists entries, you might
realize, that there are some people asking about it and also wondering, what
happened with the old site ;)

I did not wanted of blame anyone.

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Hi Rene

Please be careful stating stuff like "under new owners" or
"they don't care"... is still my private domain and always will be...
and is it definitely not our problem that your ftpd is not

And also don't blame any people not supporting you...
it is no ones responsibility (o;

I got sometimes the impression that people here think
that if the source code is for free they also take the
support for granted...

Maybe if you have written an email to or placed
a direct question on the webforum then there would have been
a great chance that I have answered you...

btw: the old anonftp version was patched for uclinux-2.0.38
     running on uCsimm...maybe I have it somewhere...maybe not...


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