[uClinux-dev] Changing the memory Map

Michael Caisse mcaisse at allweatherinc.com
Fri Mar 21 12:11:31 EST 2003

Santosh -

Our in-house board (CF5307 based) has it's RAM starting
at 0x200000. For the 2.4.x builds I have simply modified
the linker script memory map and the crt0_ram.S file for
the vector table. I suspect that the more clever people in the
group didn't have to modify the crt0_ram.S. Of course, now
that I'm looking at the ARM tree I don't know that this of
any help at all. I don't see the equivalent.

The arm seems to use the TEXTADDR value in
.../arch/armnommu/Makefile. The netarm target seems
to provide an example of what you are looking for. The
.../arch/armnommu/kernel/head-arm.S file
provides the startup code that uses the TEXTADDR
value. There appear to be other machine dependent
variations in the arch/armnommu/kernel directory.

I hope this is of some help.

michael caisse

> Santosh Bhat wrote:
>> Hi List , Sorry for bothering again with the same questions . I have a
>> Samsung board , which has a RAM at 0xc000000 of 8 MB. Can any one please
>> suggest me the files I need to modify so as to boot the kernel ??
>> Has any one moved their RAM other than default 0x0 ?? If yes what are 
>> the
>> difficulties and the problems faced by you , so that I can take the same
>> corrective actions ?

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