[uClinux-dev] netflash and mtd modules - philosophy

David Felsenthal david at felsenthal.org
Fri Mar 21 10:52:07 EST 2003

This is really a coding philosophy question.
Netflash does not compile for modules when the mtd devices are set up as 
modules. By changing the 4



#if defined(CONFIG_MTD) || defined (CONFIG_MTD_MODULES)

the app compiles for modules. Of course the modules might not be 
installed, and errors will result.

There seem to be a few choices:

1: compile time test for (possible) modules assuming modules will be 
installed at run time.

2: run time test with multiple cases, resulting in larger object code

and probably more.

What do people on the list do when they are using modules?
Why use modules on an embedded system?


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