[uClinux-dev] How to add a char device?

Thomas Chen tchen at on-go.com
Fri Mar 21 11:45:20 EST 2003

you should look at  snapgear greg's lcdtxt.c (in linux-2.4.19/drivers/char)

that is a very simple character device and a good starting point to

in short... you need

a. create a device (i normally do it in vendor/xxx/xxx/Makefile) node
b. have four routines in the driver ... maybe less if you dont need some
   init, read, write, ioctl
c. modify Makefile in drivers/char to add that file
d. modify config.in to have the user option

thats it.... 

on 3/21/03 4:59 AM, mirco cremasco at mirco.cremasco at informacitta.it wrote:

zhouhua wrote:
    Could someone tell me how to add a char  device and its driver into
uClinux. I am totally confused.
    Thanks for your  help.
Hi, in the Motorola's web site there is a driver for an USB device (lookfor
"USB Driver uClinux").
There is the source code too, it's a good start point.
Don't forget to have a look (better study it) to Rubini's book ("Linux
Device Drivers"), it's online at o'Really site.

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