[uClinux-dev] a problem about vfork

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Fri Mar 21 04:37:07 EST 2003

Jivin Crystalandy lays it down ...
> as we all know, 
> vfork is in the place of fork in uclinux. 
> but when running the demo launcher of microwin,I met a problem. 
> it is that i use mouse attack icon,commonly,one hit should 
> activize one process. 
> but two processes are generated and it seems that the father process is 
> replaced by one of child processes. 
> So if closing one of the child processes which replace its father
> process,all process 
> will be terminated. 

This sounds weird ?  are you sure that you are not seeing one process
waiting for its child to exit/exec before it can continue running ?

Alternatively,  are you getting button bounce and actually launching 2
apps ;-)

Perhaps a ps listing before and after pressing the button might help
work out what is going on.  I can't remember if I have used the launcher
before or not,  anyone else ?


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