[uClinux-dev] Interactive Telnet Script

Lars Segerlund lars.segerlund at comsys.se
Thu Mar 20 02:42:47 EST 2003

  Can't you run expect from a terminal to get the script ?

  / Lars Segerlund.

Ryan Crouch wrote:
> Thanks for your response Markus.
> I would love to use expect however it's not actually in the uClinux
> distribution, nor have I found a suitable source distribution to add.
> I'm tearing my hair out!! :)
> -Ryan
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> From: Markus Pietrek [mailto:maillist at fsforth.de] 
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> On Wednesday 19 March 2003 03:20, Ryan Crouch wrote:
>>Hello all,
>>I need to automate a telnet session via a script of some sort in order
>>to control a router device plugged into the uClinux machine. Has
> anyone
>>successfully created an interactive telnet script using chat/expect or
>>anything similar?
> Of course. "man expect" will print you a lot of hints under the section
> "SEE 
> I have attached you an example that I used to download a kernel image
> into my 
> targets RAM with a BDI2000 box. The script worked most times.
> Bye,

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