[uClinux-dev] hard disk, e2fsprogs on M5249C3

Heiko Degenhardt heiko.degenhardt at sentec-elektronik.de
Thu Mar 20 02:04:52 EST 2003

Hi David, hi Rick,

thanks for your answers!

* On Thu, Mar 20, 2003 at 02:54:28AM +1000, David McCullough wrote:
> Jivin Heiko Degenhardt lays it down ...
> > Question 2: Do I have to worry about this "unknown partition table"
> > error if fdisk finally seems to find the partitions quiet well?

This one is fixed now. I had to set CONFIG_PARTITION_ADVANCED and
CONFIG_MSDOS_PARTITION, too (under "File systems"-->"Partition
Types". (Thanks to Ivan Zanin who pointed that out!)

> > e2fsck.elf2flt: In function `init_resource_track':
> > /home/hede/uClinux/uClinux-dist-20030305/user/e2fsprogs/e2fsck/util.c:216:
> > undefined reference to `sbrk'
> Which uClinux-dist are you using ?  uClibc used to be missing the sbrk
> call but it should be fixed in the latest dist (not tested though, YMMV),

It is the "latest and greatest". ;)

> Otherwise,  as Richard said, try uC-libc,

Yes, then it compiles (and works).
Thanks guys!


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