[uClinux-dev] uCdimm login

D. Peter Siddons siddons at bnl.gov
Wed Mar 19 17:31:18 EST 2003

Thanks all for your responses. Unfortunately I still can't log in :(
  David's patch. Same result, i.e. login: prompt, password silently not 
recognizedI tried Georges' Makefile fix. That did remove the ERROR: 
message at login, but still the password was rejected. Then I undid that 
and put in , then login: prompt again. When I get a chance I'll hack 
login.c as Phil suggested to print out what it thinks it is doing.
Thanks all again for your help.

Georges Menie wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-03-18 at 00:12, David McCullough wrote:
>>Jivin Georges Menie lays it down ...
>>>FYI: the new option behind this is CONFIG_USER_OLD_PASSWORDS
>>>it is active by default but the passwd filename was changed, I assume
>>>this is to make room for a real passwd file (and associated
>>This is a bug we introduced :-(
> ok, next time you need someone to find nice explanation for a newly
> discovered bug, you know who to ask...
> :-)
> Georges
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