[uClinux-dev] LPTE_ symbols undefined and relocation errors

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Wed Mar 19 16:37:22 EST 2003

Jivin James Mulcahy lays it down ...
> Afternoon,
> I've been through the archives, but I can only see one message which
> relates to the same problem I'm having, but there were no solutions
> posted.
> I'm trying to compile uClinux-dist from CVS, with a CVS uClinux-2.4.x
> kernel for the GDB/ARMulator target and am getting the following errors
> during compilation.
> make[3]: Entering directory
> `/home-local/tmp/mulcahj0/cvs-build/uClinux-dist-ARMulator/linux-cvs-2.4.x/arch/armnommu/mm'
> arm-elf-gcc -D__ASSEMBLY__ -D__KERNEL__
> -I/home-local/tmp/mulcahj0/cvs-build/uClinux-dist-ARMulator/linux-cvs-2.4.x/include
> -DNO_MM -mapcs-32 -march=armv4 -msoft-float -mno-fpu   -c -o proc-arm6,7.o

Something is wrong here,  the ARMulator is "armv" based, not arm6/7

Do a make clean,  and then re-configure for the ARMulator,  run "make dep; make"

Which dist are you using ?  Check the ARMulator pages for dist specific
patches (the latest dist 20030305 should not need any),

> I'm using arm-elf-20011219 tools.  I'm sure I've managed to do this with
> these tools before, so if possible, I'd rather not upgrade to the latest
> (arm-elf-20030314) as the box isn't mine.

Should be ok,  though you will have a more stable env with the latest
tools.  For example,  pthreads will not work without them,


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